Nothing Better Than For Sale by Owner

Selling a property is not a layman’s job till it is supported by a discount realtor. Taking help of market experts such as discount realtor who help you to list you property in flat fee mls is the best option. Once you think and decide to go with a flat fee realtor this task will be as good as a layman job. To sell your home in this economic situation is very tough. You would think to contact a real estate agent to sell your home so that you can sell it conveniently at good market price. Normally traditional real estate agents charge 6-7% sales commissions. So if you calculate – Property price – $400,000 6% commission – $24,000 This is an enormous amount you spend for selling a property. So what’s the way out. It’s Flat fee mls. Rather than approaching a traditional real estate agent why not sell your property on your own as For sale by owner. You the boss of your property and selling your property as for sale by owner is your right to do so. You have the right to decide the price you want to sell your for sale by owner property. This is quite adverse in case of traditional real estate agent. In that case selling time might increase and you might end up selling your property at the price you are told by that agent.

When you decide to your home sell as FSBO, flat fee realtor will guide you and complete the paper required to list your for sale by owner property in flat fee mls. Flat fee realtor is the one who will help in doing all the paper work and has the access to flat fee mls listing. You as a home owner don’t have the direct access to MLS. It’s the flat fee realtor who have the access and will list your for sale by owner in flat fee mls. Flat fee mls is online real estate platform to list your FSBO property at the cost which is mere as compare to sales commission you might pay to any traditional real estate agent. There are several MLS packages to choose from depending on your choice. MLS listing of your property will be an added advantage which gives extra exposure as compare to other property listings in local newspapers.

Selling a property in traditional is far costlier as compare to listing your for sale by owner property in flat fee mls. Once your property is listed by discount realtor in MLS you will start getting good buying offers from buyers agents. The buying queries will come straight to home owner and it’s the decision of owner to sell the property to desired buyer or not. No wonder discount realtors know how real estate market behaves and they know how much your property will sell for. Discount realtors guidance in this regard is very appreciative. Saving money is high on priority for any home seller and selling as for sale by owner is the best next thing you will do.