How to Choose Perfect House in Singapore

Enjoy luxurious living in a modern 2-storey house with basement and attic, 5 spacious bedrooms, 2 car park lots, in a built up of more than 3,400sqft. Select from a choice of 2 different architectural facades: Zen (pristine minimalistic outlook) or Cosmopolitan (grayish textured outlook). Haus is the first landed residential estate to achieve the BCA top-tier Green Mark Platinum Award. Equipped with state-of-the-art green technology for energy and water efficiency which also helps to save up to 40% of your energy costs? New Launch Preview Be one of the first to view! Buy straight from the developer rather than resale. The layout and orientation of all 97 houses are designed to minimise heat gain and maximise natural ventilation from the sun-path and wind directions. Each house also comes with ample windows, a roof sky-light and open riser staircase to bring in more natural light.

Prior to the public launch, register your interest with us for pre-launch viewing to secure your choice units at the lowest price before the official launch date. Haus @ Serangoon Garden is an upcoming landed housing launch by City Developments Ltd (CDL) & Hong Leong Holdings. Located in the exclusive Serangoon Garden District, Haus @ Serangoon Garden is a modern landed neighborhood occupying a large site area of over 300,000 sqft, for only an exclusive 97 terraces. Inside, every house comes well furnished with fully equipped built-in kitchens and branded appliances. The developer has gone to great lengths to create a high quality of life for residents from the master planning stages down to energy-saving features and finishing of the residences. Each terrace is generously proportioned, affording homeowners the luxury of expensive space with high ceilings. The houses comprise five good-sized bedrooms mostly with en-suite bathrooms a family/entertainment area which can be converted to a personal home theatre, library or home office; spacious, seamless living and dining room space; as well as an open riser staircase that allows natural light to permeate through.

A good proportion of the site is designated as green area, providing occupants plenty of room to stroll through the beautifully landscaped gardens and linear parks. Roads within the development are flanked with trees and lush greenery to create an inviting sense of arrival to the development. Haus @ Serangoon Garden is just minutes away to the renowned Serangoon Garden Circus where you can find a host of amenities such as Serangoon Gardens Country Club, new shopping mall my Village, market, banking, leisure and popular avenues for dining and retail therapy. And with the Central Expressway and major roads close-by, other indulgences are easily within reach. Haus @ Serangoon presents a rare opportunity to own a spacious landed home in a desirable neighborhood. This pre-launch is strictly by-invite only. Secure your choice unit with our pre-launch priority viewing here now!

The Top 10 Mistakes In Short Sales

Not Knowing the Foreclosure and Short Sale Process There are two types of foreclosures, each with its own set of rules and these rules vary from state to state. The short sale process is puzzling even to real estate agents who have done a lot of traditional transactions. In fact, clueless agents tend to over-simplify the process and underestimate the amount of time and effort involved. Not Knowing When to Hold ‘Em or when to Fold ‘Em A short sale expert knows when to walk away. It can’t be said in more simple terms than that. If the deal is not working, all resources have been exhausted and every measure has been taken, too much money will be lost when you cling to the transaction. A short sale specialist knows when walking away is the best option. Lingering deals are a killer on the nerves and the pocket. Poor Communications With The Seller and Buyer Location, location, location may be the motto of the traditional real estate agent but excellent communication is the maxim by which a short sale agent survives.

A realtor has to constantly update both the homeowner and buyer so that no one is left out of the loop and no recriminations will ensue. Ignorance of the Real Estate Laws Not knowing the law when it comes to real estate will hugely impact the success of a short sale. There are legalities which need to be followed to the letter in order not to ruin the short sale process. In fact, a lot of short sale transactions do not go through just because of a few seemingly harmless (yet illegal) activities. Not Working As A Team Don’t go it alone. It takes a team to make a short sale happen. Everyone from mortgage brokers, building inspectors, attorneys, to title company employees are involved in this complex process. Cooperating with all of them will ensure that the flow is smooth. Not Qualifying the Client Improper qualification of the client can nullify the deal. There is a strict process by which you should qualify the homeowner. Failure to do so will obviously not make the short sale reach completion. Not Qualifying the Property To qualify for a short sale the property value must be equal to the amount of the agreed upon deduction. A complete inspection must be performed to acquire the precise condition of the home, including the neighborhood statistics and the economic real estate climate at the time of the sale.

The short sale process can only proceed if the property meets the criteria. Being Too Timid in the Short Sale Process Be aggressive, B – E aggressive – B-E-A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E! This is not a time to be passive. Persist and give it everything you’ve got. Negotiate with confidence! Not Following Up Keep abreast of what is happening at all times and follow up consistently. Light a fire under whoever needs it to make the deal happen. Every day counts. Every communication should be responded to. Every deadline has to be met. Be a short sale specialist in every way. Greed Sometimes, a real estate agent wants to preserve his commission at a certain level and refuses to meet the lender’s demands, no matter how reasonable, because of this need to obstinately stick to a certain amount of money. Well, a lot of transactions have failed this way and they shouldn’t have if only the real estate agent let go of his preconceived notions and become flexible enough to listen and revise his position.

Latest Property Inspection Program for Buyers In Australia

Property Inspections Property inspections are all about you, the seller, being able to justify your sales price. Your goal is to create an environment that allows a buyer to visualise how satisfied they would become if they were to buy from you. We covered presentation in the PPM document, that is by far the most important part of the inspection, but I would like to give you a few more recommendations to think about. I mentioned in PPM how it is not possible to cater for everyone’s tastes; you will certainly be in the minority if a buyer inspects and wants everything to stay exactly the same. However to give your buyer the best chance of being able to visualise themselves living in your property (which is your objective) you need to adopt the ‘less is more’ approach. By that, I mean take as many of your personal belongings out of the picture as possible. This way a buyer’s focus is on how the place will look when they live there, rather than focussing on your personal choices.

I am not telling you to pack and unpack your home every time you have an inspection, just think about keeping the personal extras in every room as simple as possible. It is a good idea to try and attend a few open house inspections; this will give you a fresh perspective on how a potential buyer may feel as they look around a non-familiar environment. At the time of your inspection you need keep it simple – “Hi I am Natalie, did you have any trouble finding the place”, ……….. (the usual small talk). “I will just show you around quickly and leave you to have a look around by yourself”. Most people are able to relax and enjoy the inspection more if they have been familiarised to the house quickly and then left to themselves. You don’t need to physically take them to every room, just give your buyers some basic directions on where things are; this will simply make them feel more welcome. Create some brochures and hand one to your buyers just before you start your brief tour. Include the price and all the specifications of your home. It gives the buyer something to hold and reference back to. If you have trouble putting a brochure together you can give me a call and I will have one of my graphics team sort something out for you. Another overlooked aspect that is very relaxing to a buyer’s state of mind is their sense of smell. If the house carries a pleasant smell it is much more likely to encourage a longer inspection.

Simply opening the widows to let some fresh air in, or my personal favourite is a nice bunch of flowers. Don’t overdo it with anything that is to over-powering, a mild fragrance will create a more relaxed inspection. If you have pets, organise for someone to take care of them or find a way to keep them out of sight for the duration of the inspection. Personally, I am a big animal lover and nothing would relax me more than seeing a small dog or cat sitting on the couch, but unfortunately some buyers may be put off by the idea of an animal inhabitant. The best advice I can give a property seller at the time of inspection is to make buyers feel as relaxed as possible and let your excellent presentation do all the work for you.

Essential Facts for Buying a House in Telluride

It often happens that while in a vacation, some people fall in love the place so much that they want to stay for the rest of their life in that region. This case is especially true for that of the hill stations and places near mountains. There are a lot of individuals who wants to stay in hilly areas but are unable to do that because of the shortage in the number of houses. This situation has vastly improved in the last few years particularly in the town of Telluride, Colorado. For many years, this region was called the best kept secret of Colorado as only a few knew about the beauty and the richness of this town. Gradually it became a popular tourist destination and these days more and more people are shifting to the region on a permanent basis.

Various factors have led to the growth of the town. Some of them are the amazing snow-capped mountains, the beautiful ski resorts, free flowing river of San Miguel, the picturesque waterfalls, vast acres of farmlands to name a few. There are various places in the town where one can buy a house, starting from the heart of Telluride, to the outskirts or near the foot hills of the mountains. The views may be different but they will amaze you all the same. There are different types of houses that one can see in this town. There are Victorian style condos, log houses and other type of apartments. If one would be living with his family then it is best to buy the ski rooms that have facilities like hot tubs, customized ski room, wet bar, vaulted ceilings, 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. This place can well accommodate a family of 4-6 and the residents can also get to view some great sights of the surrounding mountains. For small families of 2-3 people there are beautiful condos and they are now one sale at a very low price. The condos have 2 bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and all the other amenities that one can ask for. Therefore it can be seen that buying telluride homes is not at all a difficult task and an individual can buy any type that is required. There are certain homes that are fully furnished and ready to move in any time. These houses have well equipped kitchens, well-furnished bedroom and living room; wide screen TV, leather sofas, surround sound systems, wine cellars and many other things.

Along with these there are also billiard rooms, gymnasiums, parking spaces and various other facilities. This is perhaps the perfect time for buying a new house. The prices are not exorbitant but it sure is on the rise. There are various agents that one can contact with, but is necessary to make sure that the broker has the best interest of the buyer in his mind. In this way the purchaser would get to see various properties and choose the one that is most suited to him in terms of features and budget. There are a lot of Telluride homes that are now on sale and one must act quick otherwise would be required to pay more.